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* RGJclicks & Cote d Azur Clicks officially launches, August 17th 2008! and now has over 2500 members combined.

* RGJ International / RGJ Power Ltd currently in talks with DiSanto & Associates to ship our products to the US.

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*RGJ International / RGJ Power Ltd is proud to introduce Raymond Jones as our World-Wide Sales Director.

# 1 Product Solar

12 Watt Panel Amorphous

# 1 Natural Product

NO-WET Waterless Car-Wash Products

# 1 Wind Turbine

UK made Upwind Turibine

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Raymond Jones
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+44 (0)7924246265
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Rain-Water Recuperation


Complete Home and Garden Kit 1

Complete Home and Garden Kit 2

Complete Home and Garden Kit 3

Complete Home and Garden Kit 4

Complete Garden Kit 0

Complete Garden Kit 1

Complete Garden Kit 2

Individual Tanks

Small In-ground Systems

Indoor Tanks & Systems

Roof Mounted Systems


Collectors & Filters


Pumps & Water Stations

Water Purification Stations

Solar Energy


Solar BackPacks & Chargers

Solar Hot Water & Heating Systems


Start & Start Mega

Classic & Classic Mega

Comfort & Comfort Mega

Comfort Duo


Hemp Insulation

Rolls, Panels & Cutting Tools

Bandes & Felts

Clay Building Products

Blocks & Panels

Clay Plasters & Mortars

Clay Plasters & Mortars

Wind Turbines

400 Watt, 1 KW / 24 v, 2 KW / 48 v & 5 KW / 240 v Wind Turbine Systems

NO-WET Waterless CarWash Products




Vapour Barriers

Exterior Vapour Barriers
Interior Vapour Barriers

Glues, Bandes & Adhesives

100% Natural Glues, Bandes & Adhesives

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