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Rain Water Recuperation Facts-n-Figures

The Average person uses on average 150 to 200 litres of water per day.

The average price of a m3 of water is €3.40 & rising steadily.

Water Restrictions are becoming more & more common.

Increases in the price of water is expected to be 10% per annum for the next 10 years.

The average household of 4 people spend €500 to €700 per year on water.

Our Tanks have an Outstanding 25 year Guarantee.

Rain-Water Recuperation

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Roof Mounted 700 l. Resevoir

Bottom invisible, it has the advantage of a high and stable pressure, making it ideal for watering with the lance and hose, a pump is not necessary.
The reservoir can collect 700 liters and several reservoirs can be assembled in battery with optional kit.
Filling up is done thanks to the collector. If need, a pipe can link up the collector to the garage roof.
The weight of the full reservoir is adapted to the admitted load of the standard prefabricated garage requirerments (200 kg/m²). In recyclable polyethelene(food standard), indestructable with thick, resistant partitions. Will not deform over time. Provides maximum protecting for the water against the UV rays and the formation of algee.
Large opening for cleaning ø200 mm with stopper.
Exits on each end, ø 50 mm, 3/4 male.

Kit Complete 700 l.
  • 1 reservoir 700L
  • 1 set Connection
  • 1 Watering Lance
  • 1 Filter RG 100F ou RG 75/87

  • Item Length x Width x Hieght mmReference #Price
     Set ECO RG 100f 2400 x 1500 x 280 8266 €650
     Set ECO 75/87 2400 x 1500 x 280 8267 €650
     Résevior 700 l 2400 x 1500 x 280 08027 €475


    Set for Watering

    Includes : 5 connectors, 1 link, 1 Valve (zinc), hose, 2,5 m, 3 connectors, 1 connection rapid, 1  1 tube glue special(125g.).                     Reference # 08181            €65

    Set Extension Watering Point (If the Tank is farther than 200 mm)

    Includes : 1 hose plastique, 2,5 m avec 4 embouts à coller.

                                                            Reference # 08016           €25

    Set Connection 2 or more Tanks            

    Includes : 1 hose 2,5 m, 2 elbows plastiques 3/4", 1 tube special glue 125 g.                      Reference # 08193           €35