Hemp Bands, Felt & Stuffing

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Hemp Insulation Facts-n-Figures

* European Technical Approval was issued by the German Institute for Constructional Engineering, Berlin, under the license number ETA-05/0037

* The production is controlled and certified by the F.I.W. (Research Institute for Heat Protection) in Munich

* Quick and easy installation without itching and scratching

* Best grade "0" in a mold fungus test

Natureplus certified = Full declaration of all components

R-symbol = Protection of fossil raw materials

* Customised manufacturing without surcharge

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12 Watt Panel Amorphous

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UK made Upwind Turibine

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Hemp Felts, Bands & Stuffing

Hemp felts have a climate regulating effect. They can take up humidity from the surrounding air and release it when the air is drier. Thus it ameliorates the indoor climate and protects wooden coverings against humidity variations.

             Hemp Felt Rolls

Fields of application

Needled hemp fleece as an underlay for floating parquet and laminate flooring. Hemp felts are available in different dimensions and thicknesses

 Thickness Dimensions = m2/RollPrice/m2 
 3 mm1,00 x 25,00m = 25 m2  €2,90
 5 mm 1,00 x 25,00m = 25 m2  €4,14
10 mm 1,00 x 15,00m = 15 m2   €5,34

Hemp Felt Strips

 Hemp felt strips are used as decoupling and partition wall strips in light partition wall constructions and for other wood-on-wood laying

 Thickness Width (cm) Length (m) Price per meter
 3 mm 10 cm 25 m €0,46
 5 mm 10 cm 25 m €0,60
 10 mm 10 cm 15 m €1,30

Hemp felts are also available as customised manufacturing. Thickness, density and dimensions are manufactured to your specifications. Please ask us for more details!

        Hemp Stuffing Fibers in Bulk

Hemp for stuffing applications is the no.1 moisture regulating gap filler! Fields of application are the gaps between the beams and the walls as well as the hollow spaces next to windows and doors. Its use for skylights in the cover frame, in order to prevent damage caused by condense water, has also proved successful. Hemp for stuffing applications consists of mechanically processed hemp fibres which are impregnated with 3-5% soda.
The use is easy and can be dense or loose depending on the requirements.



Price for Box 

Box of 10 kg 

Sufficient for appr. 0,3m3